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About the Abstracts Database

The Organic Research database provides access to bibliographic details and research summaries of the world’s published literature on organic farming, sustainability issues and soil fertility.

The abstracts database provides convenient single source access to over 30 years of information on worldwide organic research. A team of subject specialists abstract from all relevant journals, reports, conference papers and books, adding indexing terms from a classified thesaurus and special codes to aid retrieval.

The database is updated fortnightly enabling the user to keep up-to-date with the scientific research taking place around the globe in the organic field.

Key Database Features

  • More than 140,000 records derived from the world renowned CAB ABSTRACTS® database, including material scanned from serials, reports, conference papers and books
  • Comprehensive coverage dating from 1973
  • Fortnightly updates
  • Flexible search-and-retrieval functionality
  • Access to full-text articles via CrossRef, Ingenta and PubMedCentral

Subject Coverage

The abstracts database covers all aspects of organic farming in both the temperate and tropical zones, including:

  • Organic/ecological crop production and animal husbandry
  • Organic foods
  • Organic soil amendments
  • Composting
  • Soil fertility management and conservation
  • Biocontrol and integrated pest management
  • Use of approved organic pesticides
  • Cultural and mechanical control of weeds
  • Organic methods of animal healthcare, including homeopathy
  • Low input and traditional farming systems
  • Sustainability of agricultural systems
  • Environmental impacts of farming
  • Relevant economics, policy and regulatory issues