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Abstracts Database Guide


For some handy tips on searching the www.organic-research.com database, please consult the following database guides. Also, see below for guidance on making the best use of keyword search fields and CABICODES specific to the www.organic-research.com database.

The Basics of Searching (Word and PowerPoint) describes the basic rules behind all database searching. It covers database structure, indexing, profile building, the creation of "search sets" and their combination using Boolean Operators.

- The Basics of Searching of CAB Direct in Microsoft Word
- The Basics of Searching of CAB Direct in PowerPoint

Advanced Searching of CAB Direct (Word and PowerPoint) builds on the basic search techniques. It includes detailed descriptions of a number of important data fields within the database and describes the value and method of field restricted searching. It also describes the use of the Advanced Search screen, the CAB Thesaurus, the CABICODES and the CAB Direct Limit options.

- Advanced Searching of CAB Direct in Microsoft Word
- Advanced Searching of CAB Direct in PowerPoint

Search Terms

You can use the keyword search fields to help pull out the records most relevant to your research. Terms in these fields have been entered by subject specialists and indicate a useful paper relating to that term. Terms can be found in the CAB Thesaurus: these are selected to cover key concepts and avoid duplication.

Enzyme names (from the EC nomenclature list) and Latin species names for plants (and common names for plants ) and common names (in plural) for animals are also used.