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Ecological Engineering for Pest Management: Advances in Habitat Manipulation for Arthropods
by M Gurr, S D Wratten, M A Altieri
October 2004
Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture 
by M Vaarst, S Roderick, V Lund, W Lockeretz
December 2003
Organic Fruit Growing 
by G Lafer, K Schloffer, G Innerhofer, H Meister, K Lind
September 2003
Organic Agriculture: Sustainability, Markets and Policies
by O ECD
July 2003
The Sustainable Management of Vertisols 
by J K Syers, F Penning de Vries, P Nyamudeza
August 2001
The Biology of Animal Stress: Basic Principles and Implications for Animal Welfare
by G Moberg, J A Mench
June 2000
Agriculture, Fertilizers and the Environment 
by M Lægreid, O C Bøckman, O Kaarstad
November 1999
Agrobiodiversity: Characterization, Utilization and Management
by D Wood, J M Lenné
June 1999
Environmental Indicators and Agricultural Policy 
by F Brouwer, J R Crabtree
December 1998
Land Resources: On the Edge of the Malthusian Precipice
by D J Greenland, P J Gregory, P H Nye
December 1997
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