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Keeping pace with the science

As with any quest for research information, it’s about sourcing the information that’s important to you. With Organic Research Database you will have the perfect tool to identify and explore the information most relevant to your research.

Organic Research Database gives rapid access to information on organic farming, sustainability issues and soil fertility. The site hosts information that maps and mirrors the latest research developments in key areas of organic farming – giving the content a real research currency.

Searching the literature

Subscribers to Organic Research Database will be in the unique position of being able to search the literature of their science through CABI’s abstracting and indexing database:

  • Search the global information literature – with records gathered from over 125 countries
  • Up-front, rapid and easy access to over 140,000 organic research abstracts from the last 30 years
  • Tap into 9000 newly added records every year
  • Use an intuitive and flexible search-and-retrieval interface – with the option to link directly to full text articles
  • Database guidance documents for effective tips to searching the database (database guide, abstracts guide, and serials cited guide)
  • Ease of exploring the full depths of the content through broad subject areas – with the option of further subject breakdowns

Reviewing the science

  • Subscribers will be able to access specially commissioned reviews in the field of organic farming.
  • Reviews cover a key topic or an overview of a specific development – keeping you in touch with the science that matters most to you
  • All review authors and topics are carefully selected by our distinguished editorial advisory board
  • Searching of reviews made easy with options to select reviews by date (year of publication) or by subject area (reviews tagged to specific subjects)
  • PDF’s of the full review text, along with print friendly pages give users a workable viewing format

In touch with the science

  • Categorised links section puts you in touch with relevant web content in your field
  • Site search tool allows both entire and exclusive site searches

Covering your field

Organic Research Database has information on all aspects of organic farming in both the temperate and tropical zones – here are the key subject areas:

  • Organic/ecological crop production and animal husbandry
  • Organic foods
  • Organic soil amendments
  • Composting
  • Soil fertility management and conservation
  • Biocontrol and integrated pest management
  • Use of approved organic pesticides
  • Cultural and mechanical control of weeds
  • Organic methods of animal healthcare, including homeopathy
  • Low input and traditional farming systems
  • Sustainability of agricultural systems
  • Environmental impacts of farming
  • Relevant economics, policy and regulatory issues

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